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FOR SALE: THE 'I Did Jackie Junior' T-shirt!

The 'I Did Jackie Junior' T-shirt is a great gift for die-hard
SOPRANOS fans! Surprise your special someone with something they can wear with just
about anything...or just about nothing!

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(The T-shirt FRONT. Click on the image to see a larger image.)
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The T-shirt BACK. Click on the image to see a larger image.)
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The T-shirt front image is
based on this shot of Joseph. Click on the image to see a larger image.
T-Shirt in XL size available ONLY.
Free autographed black and white picture with yhe purchase of each T-Shirt.
Shipping is 20% the price of the item in the U.S.. $9.95 T-shirt  Shipping per T-shirt outside the US.

An UNSIGNED item has no autograph. A SIGNED item has Joe's autograph.  A PERSONALIZED item has Joe's autograph addressed to the name of your choice. .
T-shirt Unsigned, $20.00 each with B&W autographed photo, click here for Paypal:      
T-shirt Signed, $25.00 each with B&W autographed photo, click here for Paypal:          
T-shirt Personalized, $25.00 each with B&W autographed photo, click here for Paypal:  
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