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09/25/02 Listen to Joseph R. Gannascoli (The Sopranos's Vito Spatafore) with WFAN's, Steve Somers, in archived streaming audio by CLICKING HERE.

09/24/02 The radio station list of cities/states that Joseph will be broadcasting from. In these locations you'll hear Joe give his weekly (Monday morning) summaries of the past evening's Sopranos episode:

(CT) New Haven CT,
(FL) West Palm Beach, FL
(IA) Iowa,
(MA) Springfield
(ME) Portland ME,
(MI) Detroit MI
(OH) Cincinnati OH,
Atlantic City NJ
(NY) WFAN NY (With Steve Somers every Tues 11 12PM),
(NY) Glen Falls, NY
(NY) Rochester
(NV) North Virginia,
(PA) Poconos, PA
(PA) South Philly
, PA

09/11/02  Joseph Gannascoli will be seen in the short film, 'The Skell',  during The Coney Island Short Film Festival. You can see 'The Skell', Sunday, Sept. 22nd, during the 4pm program. Tickets are $7.50 and are available half an hour before showtime. Location: Sideshows By The Seashore 3006 West 12th Street (right off Surf Avenue) in Coney Island.

09/10/02  Joseph's appearance in ON THE RUN  is now on DVD. This film also stars Sopranos alumni, Michael Imperioli, and John Ventimiglia. This is a fun film about a shy  New York travel agent whose life is permanently disrupted when his childhood friend, who just escaped from prison, arrives and they end up spending a long, crazy night running from the police. To order your copy go to or your local video store.

09/08/02  Radio update!  Joe is on two shows now.  He's on the  Scott and Todd show, on WPLJ 95.5 FM, at 7:30 AM (Eastern) on Mondays.  Atlantic City residents and Internet users can hear Joe, Mondays, on WJSE, 102.7 FM, at from 12 to 12:30 PM (Eastern).  Joe will be on the air to review the previous night's SOPRANOS episode! 

09/05/02 The Sopranos 4th Season premiere was held at Radio City Music Hall. The photos Joe took at the celebration are being placed on the web site!

09/02/02  During a Brooklyn tour of great places to eat, Joe and CapoFrank, ran into Joey Fantone, Jr., of the the pop super-group, NSYNC. See the photo of the 'two Joes', HERE.

08/30/02 Joe will be seen in the motion picture, THE KINGS OF BROOKLYN. Catch the 'coming attractions' trailer by clicking HERE.  The film was named BEST DRAMA by the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival / LA.

08/28/02 Joseph will be on the Scott and Todd show, WPLJ 95.5 FM, on Mondays, to REVIEW last night's Sopranos show! Tune in! Out of the the area? TUNE IN BY CLICKING HERE!

08/27/02 Joe Gannascoli and John Fiore will be making appearances at the Super Mega Show, September 14 & 15, 2002, to be held at the Newark Airport Sheraton Hotel, 128 Frontage Road, Newark, NJ. Or check out their web site,

08/16/02 Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts on The Sopranos) will make an appearance at SOUP AS ART on August 29th, from 5 PM until 7 PM.  Be there!

07/28/02 Michael Imperioli arrived at Soup As Art on time, Thursday, and got to meet with several fans.  Tony Sirico also showed up!  Tony will have a meeting with fans later this summer. Keep an eye on the website for further details! Meanwhile, check out the photos a fan, Nay, took of the Soupranos event!

0710/02 Michael Imperioli will make an appearance at Soup As Art, July 25th, Thursday, from 5 to 7 PM!

06/17/02 Joseph made an appearance at the NJ Chiller celebrity autograph show, back in April, and met two great people, who are seen in the April Chiller photo section.

05/30/02 A date will be coming soon as to James Gandolfini's appearance at Soup as Art. Expect a Saturday in June!

0529/02 Joseph has been very busy with Sopranos filming.  How busy?  Well, so far, 12 episodes have been filmed, 12 of the total of 13, and Joe is in all twelve of them!  You could say that the character he plays, 'Vito', has an expanded presence in the series. In fact, only James Gandolfini and Edie Falco have worked more in that number. Naturally, nothing can be disclosed as to the contents of the episodes.  All actors are SWORN to SECRECY!

05/10/02  Joseph will be doing the coin toss for Arena Football, June 7th game at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Kickoff is 7:30PM.  Joseph will also be doing an autograph signing! Click here for how to get there.

05/07/02 Joseph will be at an autograph signing with actor, John Fiore ('Gigi' from The Sopranos), May 19th, at Bally's Gym in South Philly, from 1PM to 4PM.  Click here for address and map info!

05/05/02:  Joseph is busy filming Season Four of The Sopranos!  Everything is TOP SECRET. We aren't telling you any major plot points, but everyone is having a LOT of FUN!

04/17/02: Joseph is appearing at the NJ Chiller autograph show April 19th, 20th, and 21st. Click here for more info!

03/10/02: CapoFrank's interview with Joseph is now here on the site! Just click here to read the interview!

03/01/02: Joseph appears in the foreign press.   The South China News does a long feature on The Sopranos, and includes a large photo of Joseph in front of Soup As Art.   Standing to the left of Joseph is Dan Grimaldi and Vincent Curatola. The photo was taken by New Jersey's 'Soprano Sue'.

01/15/02: The autograph signing summit between Sopranos actors
Joseph R Gannascoli  and Federico Castelluccio that was scheduled for January 26th has been CANCELED!  We are all bummed by it. Hopefully something will be re-scheduled soon. This was the Trumbull Mall signing, aforementioned here in 'Recent News'.

01/09/02: Joseph's 'Soupranos' events get documented on Soprano Sue's Sightings.  Expect more 'Soupranos' material here on Joseph's site, along with a interview of Joseph by CapoFrank.

01/08/02 : Autograph signing!  Don't forget!  Joseph will be at Meriden Mall, CT. signing autos with Jason Cerbone, Jan 12, 1-3 pm. For directions, click on the Meriden Mall map button to the left.

01/07/02: Knicks fan, Joseph R. Gannascoli, was caught by Knicks' photographers enjoying the game! To see Joe in the seats, CLICK HERE!

12/30/01: Michael Imperioli's appearance at Soup as Art has been moved to a later date.  Season 4 filming schedules have everyone very busy.  Joseph will have new dates to post soon.

12/19/01: Joseph will be at Trumbull Mall, CT., on the 26th of January, 2002, with Federico Castelluccio. Both Joseph and Federico will be signing autographs.

12/18/01 : Joseph will be at Meriden Mall, CT. signing autos with Jason Cerbone, Jan 12, 1-3 pm.

12/16/01 : More news on the Sopranos sit down. A definite date has been made for Michael Imperioli to appear at Soup as Art on January 3, 2002. Call the restaurant for more information at 718-680-3334.

11/22/01 : In either late November or early December, expect Joseph to have a sit-down with James Gandolfini and Micheal Imperioli at Joe's restaurant, Soup As Art. Call the restaurant for more information at 718-680-3334.

11/12/01 : Joe welcomes 'Capo' Frank Kennedy as the new webmaster. You can reach Frank at

10/21/01 : Joseph and Michael Bell are just one of hundreds of vendors supporting Bay Ridge's "3rd Avenue Festival of Hope". For pictures click here. Enjoy!

7/09/01 : Are you missing your Gannascoli fix with the Sopranos season over? If so, you can hear Joe every Tuesday, between 4-4:30 pm on the Harry Jay Katz radio show on New World Radio 1540 A.M. Dial. If you can't hear it then, the shows are archived at Enjoy!

5/27/01 : In case you missed it, read the transcript of Joe's live Yahoo chat from May 24th.

5/14/01: With the final episode looming, Vito Spatafore will be back in the spotlight. Exactly what he will be doing in the final episode is confidential, but you can hear him talk about it after the big event. On May 21st, Joe is scheduled to appear on WFAN'S Mike and the Mad Dog show around 3 or 4 o'clock, E.S.T.

In the final week of May, Joey will be having a Sopranos celebration at his restaurant, Soup As Art. Stars from the show like Buco, Furio, AJ, Jackie Jr., Baccala, Johnny Sac, Janice, and Paulie Walnuts will be there. All week from 1 to 3 p.m., 1 or 2 each day will be stopping by for some Soup and to meet fans. The address of the restaurant and more information on Soup As Art can be found on the Soup As Art link on this website.

On the morning of May 23rd, he will be appearing on the Howard Stern Radio Show and in the evening in his regular spot on the Steve Malzberg show.

Finally, on May 24th at 8pm E.S.T., he will be talking to all his fans in a live Yahoo chat. To participate, just log on to and Enjoy!

4/27/01 : Joe won't be on the Sopranos again until the final episode of the season. In the interim, and for the remainder of the third season, Joe can be heard on 770 a.m., on Wednesday nights, at 11:45 p.m. on the Steve Malzberg show, (go to the link to hear the show live via the internet). He will discuss that week's Soprano's episode and take calls as time permits.

4/16/01 : After this week's 5 big scenes on the Sopranos, our favorite actor has finally been added to His interview went on tonight. For all who are interested, it is a very funny one and worth the five minutes. It can be read at here

4/01/01 : Joe Gannascoli visited his fans out at Hofstra Law School. The 2nd Annual Joe Gannascoli Sopranos Fan Fest was a success. Adding to the enjoyment, he signed autographs for all in attendance. A special thank you should also go to Steven Schirripa (Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri), who also signed the picture of them "stomach to stomach" from season three, episode six.

2/21/01 : the World Premiere of the third season of the Sopranos was held at the famous Radio City Music Hall. Joe arrived in a stretch limo filled with friends from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and family. After seeing the first two episodes, many of the cast members stayed around to congratulate each other on a job well done. The festivities continued at the Hilton, where HBO threw the premiere party.